NOW IG Views of STORY COUNTS ARE not available to certain users.

NOW IG Views of STORY COUNTS ARE not available to certain users.

Instagram users were hit by a bug that was unexpectedly discovered towards the end of the 2021 Christmas season. People reported that they could not know who had visited their Instagram stories from December. 29 and 2022. Twitter began to receive more complaints that they could not view Instagram Story viewers. This was particularly the case between the 3rd of January. 3rd and 4th of 2022. If you're thinking about what the reason is for why Instagram Story views don't count Here's the reason.

A Meta spokesperson said they were aware certain users were having issues with their Instagram Stories views count and lists of viewers. In the month of January 2022, there were plenty of complaints coming from Instagram users, such as "Instagram is a bit weird" and "Why Instagram doesn't show the story views? Instagram not display the views of stories?" ?"

After a few days of not being able to know who was watching your Christmas gifts or hot chocolate creations The Instagram Story count problem appears to be resolved. Elite Daily was informed by an official Meta spokesperson on January 4, that the issue had been fixed and new Stories will be able to resume normal operation. We apologize for any inconvenience that may have occurred.

It wasn't the only time when IG Story views were interrupted. A lot of Instagram users faced the same issue following the test in May 2021. They weren't able to see who had seen the IG Story, and could only see the word "views" at the bottom of their screen. In the latter half of 2020, Instagram tried a similar feature known as "views" to Instagram Stories. This was a trial feature that let users decide whether and how they saw "likes" on their content. It was impossible to see the number of viewers the Instagram Story received at the bottom of your mobile screen if you were in the test group consisting of Android and iOS users. Instead, you only saw the terms "views" as well as "seen" on the screen of your mobile device. To view the exact number of people who had viewed your Story and a full list of the names of accounts who had viewed it, you needed to click on this.

Instagram has stopped testing the removal of the view count in the bottom of your Story in mid-May 2021. A Meta spokesperson said that they "[planto] fix the issue and return the number of views to users" via an email sent to Elite Daily. Users may receive a fix "within the next week."

Meta verified that the most recent glitch wasn't related to the May 2021 issue and that all users should be able to see their Instagram Story viewer count as on the 5th of January, 2022. Restart the app if aren't seeing it.

An Instagram account that was accused of "shadowbanning" and speaking out about the growing violence that is taking place in Palestine which exacerbated the 2021 May Instagram Story count debate. A number of accounts complained that their Instagram Stories on the subject were not getting as many views as their others Instagram Stories. Elite Daily reached out at the time to Meta to inquire about their response however, Meta was unable to respond at the moment.

Instagram has addressed the same issue as the issue that was described as having lower Story views for posts about Palestine between May 5th and June 6th. The issue was related to posts that were not being featured in Stories and was affecting users from Colombia, Canada, the United States, East Jerusalem and East Jerusalem, and the United States. Elite Daily was informed by Instagram that the issue affected all Stories which contain Highlights or Highlights and that it did not intend to be affecting Stories that are related to a specific political topic.

Elite Daily was told by Instagram that it was not their intention to take down any content that was based on a particular issue. The issue was not connected to claims that IG Stories about Palestine received less views.

To fix the Instagram Story View Count problem that many users encountered in 2022 Please update your Instagram application and then restart it. More on Inflact.


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