How to use hashtags on Instagram - 7 tips and tricks

How to use hashtags on Instagram - 7 tips and tricks

1. Use Insights to see the tags that work best.

If you've made the move to an Instagram business profile, you're able to post analytics that inform you how many impressions you've received through hashtags.

  1. Select the post you want information on, then click View Insights below the post to the left.

  2. Tap to reveal all the insights for that post, including the amount of views from hashtags.

This data helps you figure out the best hashtags for improving impact.

2. Include hashtags on Instagram Stories

Hashtag pages include some sort of Instagram Story icon in the upper left corner. Click it and you'll find a variety of Stories posts that have been tagged by the hashtag of people with profiles that are public.

There are two methods to add hashtags to your stories. The first option is to use the hashtag stickers.

You can also make use of the text tool and the # symbol to type out the hashtag the same way as you would in a photo or video.

3. Avoid banned hashtags and the use of hashtags that are spammy.

If inappropriate content is linked with a hashtag, Instagram might ban that hashtag.

This doesn't mean that you cannot make use of it in any way. Instead, it means that when you click on the tag, you will only see top posts. There won't be any recent posts or any stories that are associated with the hashtag.

Here's what you can expect to see when you encounter the hashtag that's banned:

The only way to know the status of a hashtag is to check it before you make use of it. It is a good idea to follow each when you add a new hashtag to your repertoire. The use of banned hashtags could result in a drop in engagement, since your use of legal hashtags may also become less effective since you might be removed from the algorithm.

Even if they'ren't banned, you should avoid hashtags that shamelessly solicit likes and followers. Examples include #followme and #like4like. hashtags for likes, #follow4follow, and so on.

By using these, you will be attracting spammers, bots or other Instagram users with not the intention of engaging you in any meaningful manner. It also shows your followers that your brand is fine with engaging in spammy behavior. That's not a nice image.

4. Understand how hashtag pages work

Hashtag pages are a great method to showcase your blog to new audience, especially if you can be featured in the Top section.

Hashtag pages present all content related to the hashtag. If someone searches for a specific post and yours is the most recent associated with the hashtag that post will be the first item they see in the Recent section.

Of course, it's easier to stay at the top of the Recent section for hashtags that aren't as popular or even a more specific hashtag.

Be aware this: The Recent sections are sorted according to when each post was initially posted. If you later add hashtags by commenting or by changing the caption, it won't bump your post up for relevance.

5. Do not use unrelated or repetitive hashtags.

It might be tempting to duplicate and paste the same long list of hashtags on every post, but don't do it. Instagram's guidelines on community are clear that "posting repetitive comments or content" isn't permitted. If you use the same hashtags in every blog post, you is likely to be snubbed through the algorithm.

When you write a blog post, only utilize hashtags that make sense. If you tag a post using #wanderlust, for example your post must contain something that tourists would like to comment on, like, and share.

It's about not being noticed by a large number of people. It's about getting seen by the right people. It's how hashtags contribute to higher engagement and greater followers. Select and pick the most appropriate keywords for each post separately.

6. You must ensure that hashtags mean what you think it means

Hashtags are often an assortment of words snagged together. That can create some problems when it's unclear when one word ends and the next one begins.

One of the most infamous instances of this is the hashtag #susanalbumparty incident that occurred back in 2012. It was a party to launch the hashtag to celebrate Susan Boyle's debut album. However, read it slowly and you could pick up some words that clearly make the hashtag a bit... challenging.

Amazon used this type of hashtag mistake to promote Top Gear. This was intentionally done, but it would be an easy mistake to combine possessive "s" with the word "hit" through accident.

Brands sometimes also are too keen to hop onto an emerging trending hashtag without knowing the context. When the context is challenging it can result in an issue for the PR of the brand.

And often, a company does not check if a hashtag is already used before launching a whole campaign. Burger King was guilty of this in 2013 when they used the hashtag #WTFF to refer to "What The French Fry."

Because you know what WTF is It is likely that you know the reason this happened.

7. Save hashtags for use in the future.

If you frequently use the hashtags you are using, keep them in a notebook to avoid typing them in and over.

Wait, didn't we just advise you to not use the same hashtags for every post? Yes, you should not use the same hashtags. That said, it is still really useful to have an inventory of hashtags that are relevant to the various kinds of content you publish. You could even create distinct lists of hashtags related to the different kinds of posts you create.

Just create a list of hashtags in your notes appand add them the hashtags to posts.

It is then possible to pick and select hashtags that you can use for each post, rather than needing to remember hashtags, or find new hashtags for each post. This gives you time to check out the type of content that is already being posted for these hashtags, so that you avoid making one of the mistakes listed above.

Make sure that every one of the Instagram hashtags you use on the post must be in line with the post's content and shouldn't be too frequent. Do not copy and paste your entire saved list on each blog post. More on BigBangram!

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