How do you download Insta Story to your computer

How do you download Insta Story to your computer

You can follow these simple steps for downloading the chosen image or video directly to your desktop. You can archive and save all Stories you'd like to.

How can you preserve the Instagram Story alive by taking screen captures or screencasts?

The ability to upload Stories from other sources onto your Camera Roll simply by taking a screen shot of the Story or by creating screencasts.

How do I download Instagram Stories by Taking a Screenshot

  1. Launch using Instagram app.

  2. You can find the Story you'd like you download via scrolling across all the Stories on your home screen, or by going to your profile of the person.

  3. Use the volume and sides button on the iPhone.

This will enable you to capture a picture to record your Story. The picture will be saved automatically to the Camera Roll. Notifying users every time you take a picture isn't an option with Instagram.

What happens if happens if the Story you're trying to save is a screencast? Screencasting is a possibility. In the beginning, you need to ensure that the screencast control you would like to use is easily accessed. This is how you connect it to the Control Center.

  1. Click on Settings.

  2. Go to Control Center > Modify Controls.

  3. Continue scrolling down till you be able to Screen Recording.

  4. To make it appear, just click the plus green button.

Once it's been added to your Control Center here are the steps you can take to use this built-in tool for saving the Instagram stories of another user:

  1. Open your Instagram app.

  2. You can find the Story you want to download by scrolling through the Stories at the top of the screen or visiting their profile pages.

  3. If you have one of the iPhone X, iPhone X+ or iPhone 8 or older, you'll be able to access Control Center. Control Center by swiping from the upper-right corner or the lower edge of the screen.

  4. Check out the video.

  5. The red rectangle on the upper-left edge of the screen actually the clock.

  6. To stop the screencast, click Stop.

These steps will allow you to capture the user's Story and directly save it on your camera Roll.

Instagram Stories are a great tool. We hope you'll enjoy sharing your Stories and that this guide will help you keep your Stories. We've also explained the steps needed to archive Snapchat videos in depth. More on Inflact.


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